Latest Timber Seasoning Technology

The two processes will help to extend the longevity of timber beyond expected lifetimes.
  • Chemical impregnation using boron borax (solution of 5% strength), being a harmless chemical forms a salt, where it forms a crystal. This crystal formation is known as chemical fixation.
  • Vacuuming for 40 minutes to remove air bubbles inside the timber
  • Holding for 3 hours

At this pressure the chemicals are forced to the center of the wood replacing the fluids explained earlier. At this point the boron borax is moved to the entire pores replacing the fluids, known as chemically impregnated timber
  • Once this timber, chemically treated timber is packed in the dryer and subjected to drying for five consecutive days will form a treated timber having an approximate moisture content of 10%. Once the drying is taking place the boron borax introduced to the porous timber will start to crystallize giving a chemically fixed completely dried timber.

UV Curable Wood Coatings

UV Curable Wood Coatings provides for complete wood surface preparation and topcoating. All of the available coatings may be applied to either soft or hard woods! The fluid nature of each product allows for virtually any type of application from spray, to brush, to roller methods and many others as well.

  • Durability
  • Waterproof
  • Luxury Look